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Comet NEOWISE July, 2020
M42 - the Great Orion Nebula and Running Man
Lunar Eclipse - January, 2019
M42 - the Orion Nebula
ic 2162 Ha
Stars inside the Trapezium of M42
M45 - the Pleiades (7 Sisters)
M27 - the Dumbbell Nebula
M31 - the Andromeda Galaxy
M51 - the Whirlpool Galaxy
IC1848 - the Soul Nebula
M81 - Bode's Galaxy
The California Nebula
The Horsehead Nebula
M82 - the Cigar Galaxy
Thor's Helmet
Eta Carina
The Rosette Nebula
NGC253 - The Sculptor Galaxy
The Pelican Nebula
Portion of the Veil Nebula using an Oxygen 3 filter
Portion of the Veil Nebula using a Hydrogen-Alpha filter
Veil Nebula version 3

                                           Rho Ophiuchi

M8 - the Lagoon Nebula

The North America Nebula

A Solar Prominence

    Comet Lulin




Comet Hale Bopp


The Eagle Nebula

The Small Magellanic Cloud imaged from New Zealand

The "Beast" imaged from New Zealand


M13 - Globular Cluster shot from the Arizona Sky Village


Lunar Eclipse, October 2004

Eclipse January 30, 2000

IC 5146

Aurora Borealis Over Osoyoos 2013

IC 1396

Aurora Borealis Over Osoyoos, July 2004

The Witch's Head Nebula
The Milky Way Galaxy
Supernova 2010o
The Sun
The Sun as it appeared in Life - 70 Years of Extraordinary Photography
Solar Prominences
Arizona Sky Village Observatory
california 03 03 18 HA
M31 red OIII
Viel Nebula

NGC253 Red
M82 03 15 18 R
ic 2162 Ha
ic 405 Ha 2
NGC 2174 Ha
ic443 Ha
Heart Ha
ic 410 Ha 2
M-42 - the Great Orion Nebula

HD 41997 10 Min Ha
Rosetta 60 Min Ha color
X-MasTree Red
ThorsHelmet Ha
IC 2177 Ha 60Min
M27 Ha
NGC 6334 Ha
Cocoon IC5146 Ha 90min
M65-66 1hr RED
M106 1hr RED
Veil 3 Ha
m33 Ha
elephant trunk Ha 2hours
Helix Ha
Veil Nebula

NGC 281 60Min Ha
veil miid e Ha 60min
M 78 color
ALNITAK horse head 2 hr
M 45 Filter L enh 2-5 Hr
Pelican Ha
HIP 29147 Ha 120 M 2020
M1 Crab 120 min Ha
Asteroid (Minor Planet) jackalice30840

M1 Crab 30 min Ha
NGC2903 60min RED
NGC2903 60min RED
M101 120min Lum
M87 30 min RED