The Observatory B&B

The Newton Observatory B&B

At the Newton Observatory B&B, our motto has always been We Promise the Sun, Moon & Stars, and, we DELIVER. Since opening on July 11, 2000, we have welcomed thousands of guests from all over the world, but it is time for us to retire. 

It is with mixed emotions, therefore,  that we share the news that Observatory B&B  permanently closed its doors as of October 1, 2023.

We've had the privilege of sharing countless breakfasts, celebrations, and other special occasions with you all. From birthdays to anniversaries, from family gatherings to honeymoons, you've invited us into your lives.  We’ve been able to offer you the Sun and Moon, meteor showers, a transit of Mercury, aurora borealis, stars in the daytime, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, and myriad deep-sky objects, and are deeply honoured for the journey we've taken together.  

It's the friendship of each and every one of you that has sustained us through the years. In spite of wildfires, smoke, and a global pandemic, you’ve expressed delight in our promised “out-of-this world” experiences. We've laughed, we've celebrated and watched your children grow into adults (and then return with their own little stargazers) Your stories and smiles have been the heart and soul of our Observatory B&B. Thank you for choosing us as your destination, for sharing your special moments with us, and for becoming more than just guests - you've become our extended family.

While we have said goodbye to our business, we are not saying goodbye to the community nor the memories we've created here. Our hearts are full as we move on to new adventures. Thank you!

Jack & Alice Newton

Observatory B&B, Osoyoos