Jack’s Astronomy

Jack has been an unabashed promoter of amateur astronomer since first viewing the skies at age 10 through a very small refractor. His favorite perch was the roof of a nearby church in his native Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Jack survived having his eyeball frozen to the eyepiece, having his necktie burst into flames while it was still around his neck (you need to ask HIM!), and many other "Murphy" moments. He has been photographing since he was 13 years old, and lecturing since 16. In spite of a declaration by an elementary school teacher that he was the most unlikely in his class to ever publish anything, he has had two books published by Cambridge University Press and several others by Canadian publishers. Jack remains as passionate about astronomy as on that night many long years ago when he "independently" discovered Saturn!

STEVE - Sudden Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement

2020: Jack has inspired a great many people to familiarize themselves with the observable wonders of the universe. In the words of the Brazilian couple Ana Paula do Cardoso and her husband Ian Grosner, because of their "conversations with Jack about space and the opportunity to see the moon, the sun and stars" when they stayed with us in 2013, , Ian became a space lawyer. He did his Masters in space law at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. Ana reports that she also received her certificate as an air and space law student supporter. We love this kind of feedback!

Jack with Ana and Ian

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