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Rho Ophiuchi

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT JACK NEWTON and cannot be reproduced without his permission.

The Witch Head Nebula
Home Sweet Home: the Milky Way Galaxy
M-51 – the Whirlpool Galaxy
The North America Nebula
A Solar Prominence

    Comet Lulin
The Pelican
The Horse Head Nebula
Comet Hale Bopp
The Eagle Nebula
The Small Magellanic Cloud imaged from New Zealand
The “Beast” imaged from New Zealand
M13 from the Arizona Sky Village
M-42 – the Great Orion Nebula, imaged from the Arizona Sky Village
Lunar Eclipse, October 2004
Eclipse January 30, 2000
IC 5146
Aurora Borealis Over Osoyoos 2013
Stars inside the Trapezium
M-27 the Dumbbell Nebula
IC 1396
Aurora Borealis Over Osoyoos, July 2004
Our Galaxy: the Milky Way