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One of our teddy bears apparently has quite an interest in cosmology!
Jack being interviewed by Scott Roberts of Explore Scientific

Ajai Sehgal

 Dr. Rob Berdan, Science & Art Multimedia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Multimedia Design – Photography – Photography

*****Explore Scientific:  (Scott Roberts) (a great source of information on telescopes, astronomy outreach and education)

Puckett Observatory: (Supernova search program)

 Astronomy Magazine:

Diffraction limited: (Maxim DL/Doug George)  

International Dark Sky Association:

Telescopic Watch:

Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day:

(suggested by Mary, another bright astronomy fan!)

The site is a great source of information on the solar system and space & is especially good for children

If you enjoy shopping for astronomy or space-related “theme” items, including clothing, bedding, etc., the following site will rock your world!

Here are three other interesting links:

The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment