Links to Friends and Resources

One of our teddy bears apparently has quite an interest in cosmology!


Jack being interviewed by Scott Roberts of Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific:  (Scott Roberts) (a great source of information on telescopes, astronomy outreach and education). Our personal favourite!

Ajai Sehgal:

Top 25 Public Observatories:

Astronomy Magazine:

Diffraction Limited: (Maxim DL/Cyanogen/SBIG):  

International Dark Sky Association:

Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sites that are a great source of information on the solar system and space & are especially good for children:

(this one suggested by Mary, a bright astronomy fan):

(and this one Suggested by Amelia, a dedicated young student. who we are told has been been studying NASA, engineering and astronomy “virtually” during the pandemic. She likes this site:

Other great links for kids:

Astronomy for Beginners: Supporting Your Child’s Interest in Space


Click here to play: Heroes of Aviation and Space Flight.