Imaging Tutorial

Our B&B Rooftop Observatory

Weather permitting, our guests can enjoy free night and morning tours of the skies through one of Jack’s telescopes. These sessions are open to all guests each night of their stay. If conditions are unsuitable for observing, we provide a back-up program in our presentation room. Night tours begin after darkness sets in. Because that time changes relative to the season, times vary. However, the start-time will nearly always be after 8:15 pm.

Astrophotography at the Observatory B&B

 “Be a Star” Tutorial

Jack has taught people of all ages to take their own stunning images using the state-of-the-art equipment that he provides as part of his imaging tutorial!

Take home your own images YOU HAVE CAPTURED of galaxies and nebulae! Dependent upon the time of your visit, you might also get to image planets or the Moon. Opportunities to capture photos of the Sun using safe solar filters result in an especially unique souvenir, since imaging the Sun is a unique experience available nowhere else!

All that’s required to participate is a little bit of computer know-how and a desire to have fun. Jack especially loves to teach kids, too, as they approach learning about the cosmos with unbridled enthusiasm.

You will take your images using a large computer-controlled telescope and CCD camera and be able to later view your images by computer or have them printed.  

Jack’s “imaging tutorial” is available without pre-booking. You can ask about it on arrival, and arrangements can be made directly with him. The cost of this optional session is $50 + GST per person. Sessions are usually held before, during and following the free tour of the night sky provided to all guests. Your total time commitment will be approximately two hours. You might also get to operate the telescope for the rest of the group!